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A Shot of Espresso Before Seeing Interstellar in IMAX

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Coffee Related Articles

After reading that this movie was over 2:30 minutes long I knew a quick shot of espresso was in order. A cup of coffee may have been too much liquid to consume before such a long movie.

So, how was the movie you ask.


Well, it was a really good sci-fi movie in that it had a believable plot. Escaping one dying planet to repopulate on another was exciting to see. We won’t give away the whole story, but there were a lot of planet scenes. This was seen in IMAX, but not IMAX 3D. Interstellar may not have been made in 3-D.

I recommend this movie if you like sci-fi. This was way more fun to watch vs the Gravity movie. If you can see it in 3-D, then I VERY recommend.

Be sure to view this at an early showing since the movie takes nearly THREE hours to see – that is counting the movie previews, pre movie popcorn purchases, etc.

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