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Caffeine Awareness Month

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March is Caffeine Awareness Month – This is not to be confused with Coffee Awareness Month, but since Coffee is the best way to get your caffeine, you should WEAR THE BEAN. Show Your Support! Kinda like an Autism Awareness Month Ribbon (Puzzle Piece). Isn’t this text hard to read with the throbbing coffee bean on the left?

The HowtoDoThings site says about 90% of Americans consume caffeine everyday. We are betting that the most favorite way is in COFFEE.

Some of the more interesting articles the HowtoDoThings site has are listed below.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Um… making MORE COFFEE sounds like a good use. Check their site to find out 10 ways to reuse coffee grounds!

How to use Caffeine to treat Migraines

Our money is on DRINK COFFEE and just dont stop. They may have other useful ideas.

How to Identify Hidden Sources of Caffeine

Well, its in COFFEE, WE KNOW THAT ONE – ever notice how all coffee sold in the grocery store does not say ‘Contains Caffeine’ on the front of the packages?? It is also ‘hidden’ in Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Chocolate. We kinda prefer the products that BOLDLY state CONTAINS CAFFEINE. Why hide it? You know you will buy it if it says CONTAINS LOTS OF CAFFEINE. Yes, they are marketing to YOU, Mr. Coffee Addict. It is even in a Snickers bar now! Eat up!

Prolab Caffeine – 200Mg, 100 Tablets

This is the real good stuff, man. Like equal to the caffeine in a single cup of coffee.

SToK Black Coffee Shots

These are awesome, and often FREE at the gas station when you buy a coffee. Wear pants with really big pockets and take some Stok Blak Coffee Shots to go. Use them at home for that extra buzz when you need it.

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