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Coffee Stock Prices – CBOU and SBUX

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June 2012 – Earnings for popular coffee companies (Starbucks SBUX, Caribou CBOU) are seeing an increased profit margin due to the recent fall in coffee prices. In 2012 the Caribou Coffee Company increased their number of coffee houses to 100 when they opened the coffee house in Istanbul, Turkey. The stock price of Caribou CBOU has been on the rise since having a stock price as low as $2 just a few years ago. The June 2012 price has been hovering near $12-13 per share.

Starbucks stock has nearly doubled their price from a few years ago to reach $55 in June 2012.

In a recent article on Yahoo, the consumption of coffee has increased globally by 1.7% in 2011. Interesting that it was said to be ‘only’ 1.7%. In our opinion the increase would have happened regardless of the price of coffee increasing or decreasing, because coffee is just that good!

Informational Source:
June 2012 Press Release from Paragon Financial Limited.
Article title: Coffee Industry Looks to Benefit from Falling Coffee Prices

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