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Compare the Cost of Home Brewing to Starbucks

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Comparing the cost of home brewing coffee and buying coffee ready made at Starbucks. We compare the cost of using pre-ground coffee.


Average cost for a 11.5 oz can of ground coffee = $3.00
2 heaping teaspoons to make a single 8oz cup of coffee.
.26 cents per ounce of coffee grounds.
86 heaping teaspoons in an 11.5 oz can.
A 11.5 oz can of coffee will make 43 cups of coffee.

The .10 cent price is a black cup of coffee.


Things to Factor into this Calculation:

How strong you like your coffee
What you put in your coffee.
If you use purchased spring water
The electric costs.
The cost of your coffee maker.
The cost of coffee filters.

It is IMPORTANT to factor in the other costs in making coffee at home. If you buy a cheap coffee maker for $15(plus tax!), and you brew about 150 cups of coffee before it breaks (or you just want a new one), your coffee maker adds .12 cents to the home brew cost.
If you use half and half, at about $1.50 a pint, and use it all in ten cups of coffee, the cost added is .15 cents.
An electric coffee maker uses a lot of electricity, similar to a hair dryer. Estimate the electricity cost to about .10 cents.
Coffee filters are really cheap, so a single filter is about .01 cents.

Let’s add this up, shall we?
.10 cents for coffee grounds
.12 cents for coffee maker use
.15 cents for half and half
.10 cents for electricity use
.01 cents for a coffee filter

Actual cost? .48 cents

…it is easy to ‘forget’ the side-costs from making coffee at home. The coffee maker, electric, half and half, sugar, electric, and water are not FREE!


Coffee at Starbucks: 1.60 a cup of brewed coffee.
2 heaping teaspoons for a single cup of coffee.

SHOCKER: An 11.5oz can of Starbucks ground coffee would be about $69

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