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Difference Between a Latte and a Cappuccino

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What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

Here is the answer:

A Cappuccino:
One shot of espresso, one shot of steamed milk, top with foam. The foam on a cappuccino is usually very frothy.

A Caffe Latte:
One shot of espresso, two shots of steamed milk. A latte has more milk than coffee. The steamed milk usually has minor froth, combined with the brown froth of a properly made espresso you can make latte art.

Think of a latte as a light version of a cappuccino, like coffee flavored hot milk.

What is the same?
Both have one shot of espresso.

The foam and froth:

The foam is more like whipped cream as it can be shaped to a point (a ‘cap’) – cappuccino.

The froth is more like tiny bubbles of milk – cafe latte.

How do you make espresso?
An espresso maker! You can’t make espresso coffee in a regular auto drip coffee maker, even if you buy espresso coffee – espresso needs to be made by forcing hot water QUICKLY through tightly packed ground coffee. This force of hot water will allow the espresso to develop a brown foam on top, and when this is done, you can make latte art (using the light froth of the steamed milk).

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