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Facts About Coffee

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Coffee Facts

Ah, what be in that magic brew anyway? Every wondered that? – well, we have. There are some great books about coffee and different cultures that consume coffee as well as the scientific information about YOUR (and OUR) favorite drink.

Caffeine Content: 65 to 215 milligrams in an 8 oz cup. Caffeine content depends on how you brew the coffee, the type of coffee beans, and even how the beans were roasted. A finer grind of coffee releases more caffeine, as well as the obvious ‘the more grinds you use, the stronger the coffee = more caffeine!’.

Does a darker roast mean more caffeine?
Not at all. The longer (darker) the bean is roasted, the LESS caffeine it has.

Natural Caffeine Content in Plants

Caffeine by % of weight
How it is Consumed
Coffee Bean – Arabica
Gourmet Coffee
Coffee Bean – Robusta
Cheap Coffee
Chocolate and Cocoa
Yerba mate
added to energy drinks

Places coffee is commonly grown:
Brazil and Colombia. Brazil produces about 35% of the world’s coffee. The United States consumes the most coffee. Close to 50% of the U.S. population drinks coffee. (you’re probably one of them!)

Coffee: A Cultural History from Around the World (Astonishing Facts About…)

Just the facts, Ma’am. 144 pages of facts. Get astonished!

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