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Home Roasting Coffee Instructions

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Here is what you need:

1. Green coffee beans (unroasted coffee beans)

2. Hot air popcorn popper

3. Well ventilated area

4. Metal pot or metal colander for cooling the beans.

Simple Instructions:

Measure about 1/2 cup of green beans.

Turn on the popcorn popper (point the ‘shoot’ in a sink if indoors).
Dump the beans in the popcorn popper like you would for making popcorn.

Leave on for about 3 minutes.

Remove beans and cool in a metal pot ASAP to prevent further roasting!

Let the beans sit for at least 24 hours to reach peak flavor.

Here is what happens when you roast:

After about 1 min in the popper all kinds of coffee chaff will blow out of the popcorn popper. These are like the chaff on a peanut after you open them from the shell.

After about 1 more minute you should hear slight ‘pop’ or ‘crack’ sounds. This is normal.

After another minute or so you will hear more ‘pops’ or ‘cracks’.

This is where you coffee beans are ready (roast 1 min or so longer for darker roasts).

USE CAUTION AS HOT AIR POPPERS ARE NOT MEANT FOR ROASTING COFFFEE – they will work, just BE CAREFUL – Roast outdoors if possible or you can set off a smoke alarm as the beans can smoke (normal) during the end stages of roasting.

NOTE: the beans become lighter as you roast them, so, depending on the hot air popper you use, the beans could come out of the popper. DON’T TOUCH THE BEANS as they will be VERY HOT. You may need to cover the shoot, or top of the device with a mesh strainer to prevent all of the beans from coming out. (use a chinese wok oil strainer device.)

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