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How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Tips on brewing that perfect cup of coffee:

Start with GOOD WATER – nothing from the tap! Try spring water, something that has been filtered. This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT PART! Bad tap water makes a bad cup of coffee. Don’t use tap water when brewing that expensive kona coffee.

Use a PERCOLATOR – not an auto-drip.

Grind the beans just before you are ready to brew. Use FRESH BEANS, or beans that have been stored in an air-tight container. Pre-ground beans won’t be as fresh – never grind the whole bag of beans at once unless you HAVE TO. Grind as needed. A finer grind will yield a stronger and better brew.

Use a good clean cup – a smaller 8 oz. cup is best (nothing larger) otherwise your coffee will be cold by the time you drink it all.

End of Discussion on this one.

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