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Inhale Caffeine – Le Whif

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Posted: 04/28 4:58 PM EST   |   Coffee Related Articles

This is a NEW coffee product by Le Whif. Only two stores will initially sell this coffee product – Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC, and Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe in Cambridge, Mass. So… WHAT is this mysterious product? It is a coffee that isn’t really coffee – it is a breathable powder, like a step above a Scratch-and-Sniff. It DOES have caffeine – they say it has as much as a very light espresso (which could be about 50 mg of caffeine). The product is very unusual to say the least.

They also have a Chocolate Le Whif which has the taste of chocolate without the calories.

The Le Whif Coffee is portable and COULD be a good thing to bring along when you may be unable to get a REAL coffee.

Is it good? is it bad? We don’t know.

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