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Key Differences of the Tea Party and the Coffee Party Movements

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What is the Coffee Party Movement?

This started as an alternative to the Tea Party Movement – a movement which is against the government carelessly spending the taxpayers money.

The Coffee Party has a similar goal, but is not anti-government – it is a movement to attempt to make the government a true voice of the American people. The movement wants to push for positive change in the United States while having a strong political influence. This is a grassroots movement wanting a democratic society in the United States. Coffee Party USA

Founded by: Annabel Park – Founded by Liberals. They are Pro-Obama.

How are these movements similar?
Both believe the US Government is taxing the American public without proper representation.

How are these movements different? The Tea Party is very critical of the US Government as a whole. The Coffee Party are in favor of the government but dislikes the corporate-ness (Government bailouts to large corporations)

It has nothing to do with coffee – the name was chosen as an alternative name to the Tea Party Movement. Members do meet in coffee shops throughout the United States – news outlets seem to want to film participants holding a cup of coffee.


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