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McDonalds and the New CoffeeHouse Look

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McDonalds is planning to give many of their current fast food restaurants a makeover. Over the next five years McDonalds plans to redesign thousands of the restaurants in the US to give the interior and exterior a more modern feel. Plans include having plasma TVs and coffeehouse lounge chairs. Their goal is to give the restaurant more of a coffeehouse feel, and less of the ‘cartoon’ look they currently have. This includes less use of the LARGE golden arches and the cartoon-like characters such as Ronald McDonald.

One reason for this change is to boost the sales of their premium items such as the $4 angus burger. An additional possible reason is the shift in age groups of the US population, with the baby boomers reaching retirement age they would want to market to this age group as nearly 50% of the US population will be age 40 or older!

20-30 years ago the baby boomers were in the 20 something age range and they were the primary customers for McDonalds. Now that they are much older, McDonalds needs to shift their image to keep the now 40-50 something age group coming back to the restaurant.

McDonalds as a sit down and relax coffeeshop? YES

Say Farewell to the Big Yellow Golden Arches

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