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Starbucks Drinks That are 100 Calories or Less

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The obvious drinks are the black coffee or tea without sugar. Below are the drinks in order of calories from lowest to the drinks at 100 calories. These drinks really depend on what you ADD to the drink, such as creamer or sugar.

Also, the drinks listed below are for the Starbucks TALL size, which is 12 fl ounces.

Brewed Tazo Tea – 0 Calories
Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea – 0 Calories

Brewed Coffee – 5 Calories
Cafe Americano – 10 Calories
Non-Fat Cappuccino – 60 Calories
Iced Brewed Coffee with the Starbucks Classic Syrup – 60 Calories
Iced Non-Fat Latte – 70 Calories

Skinny Vanilla Latte – 100 Calories
Carmel Frappuccino with Light Blended Coffee – 100 Calories
Tazo Iced Tea – Shaken – Lemonade – 100 Calories
Starbucks Refreshers – range from 45 to 60 Calories

Espresso is not mentioned in the official Starbucks Beverage Facts pamphlet.
Going by the Cafe Americano, the espresso shot should be 10 calories.

That is all the drinks at, or under 100 calories.

2013 Starbucks pamphlet.



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