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Some interesting coffee books:
most of these are fictional books for children or young adults

The Bug in Teacher’s Coffee: And Other School Poems by Kalli Dakos and Mike Reed

The Coffee Can Kid by Jan Czech

The Kidnapping of the Coffee Pot by K. Saari and Henri Galeron

The Lady Who Put Salt in Her Coffee by Lucretia Hale

Tears at Fort Coffee! (Chickasaw Adventures) by Jen Murvin Edwards and Tom Lyle

Garfield’s Guide to Coffee Mornings by Jim Davis

Mr Frumble’s Coffee Shop Disaster by Richard Scarry

The Story of Coffee by Sultan Mohamed

These are ‘romantic’ coffee books:

Coffee, Tea or Me – Poems from the Heart by Veronica R. Edmiston
Barbara Streisand says this book title in The Mirror Has Two Faces

Spanish Coffee by Kay O’hara – check out the steamy cover on this!

Coffee Sonata
by Gun Brooke

Marlin’s Spell: Deep Shadows Coffee Romance by S. Penequat

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