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Should I Ask for a Keurig for Christmas?

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The different sizes, mostly the smaller cheaper size of Keurig, can make you consider getting the Keurig for Christmas, or at least ask someone else (Santa?) for the machine. Assuming you drink a decent amount of home brewed coffee, the the Keurig could be a good idea, or an impulsive bad idea. Below we list some good reasons, and then some of the bad reasons to get a Keurig.

The good reasons:

The fresher coffee from the Keurig – each K Cup is sealed fresh, so each cup you make will be fresher than the can of coffee you opened a week ago.
The variety of coffee – You can not only get real fresh coffee, you can choose a different style each time, so you aren’t drinking the same can of Breakfast Blend every day until you open a new can.
The less mess, quicker brew – No messing with coffee filters in the morning, and no clean up time.

The bad reasons:

You will spend a lot more money on K Cups vs using the opened can of coffee.
The ability to brew multiple cups of coffee – the Keurig is single serve, so you brew one cup at a time, not a whole pot for everyone.
The environment – you will produce more garbage than using a single filter in the auto drip.

So, as a regular coffee drinker the Keurig could be a good idea, just using the machine in the morning, or when you want a change of pace from the can of coffee you use for the daily auto drip. If someone else in your home will use the Keurig to brew tea or hot cocoa, well, the Keurig might be a good purchase.

The cost of K Cups could make you stop using the machine. If you drink a cup a coffee a day, then the Keurig makes perfect sense. Santa can bring me a Keurig, he just better also get me a huge 160 count box of K Cups or the Keurig will end up under the sink with the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ George Foreman Grill.

 I want coffee for Xmas

I Want Coffee for Christmas

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