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Buying Jolt Caffeinated Gum

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For some reason the caffeine gum is very hard to find in stores. Target does not have any, Walmart does not, popular grocery stores, 7-11 and convenience stores do not have this to buy. There used to be a good assortment of these caffeinated gum, and even a selection of caffeine mints. Now, you have to go online and buy these. Not much in the way of a health item, although it does contain ginseng and guarana (the natural caffeine).

Two pieces of the gum equal the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Great way to get your caffeine on the go, or when you are unable to stop and get a coffee.

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Jolt ICY Mint Energy Gum - Caffeine Chewing Gum - Increase Energy, Freshen Breath, Boost Physical Performance - 12 Pack (120 Pieces) - Low Calorie Caffeine Gum - Ginseng, Guarana, B-Vitamins

12 Packs Jolt Icy Mint Energy Gum

- Your purchase of Jolt Energy Gum includes one 12-pack of gum. Each pack holds 10 pieces of Jolt Gum, that's 120 pieces!

- Don't just take our word for it - talk to the scientists and the US Military! Both have done studies on caffeinated gum and proven the effectiveness of increasing athletic performance and keeping soldiers awake and alert.
- Jolt Gum proudly has only 5 calories per piece of gum. There is absolutely zero high fructose corn syrup in Jolt Gum.
- One-piece of Jolt Gum gives the lift of an ordinary cola. Two pieces of Jolt Gum gives you the energy/alertness boost of a cup of coffee. Five pieces has about the same pick-me-up as an energy shot.
- Everyone's sensitivity to caffeine is different. Chew the gum when you need a boost. Chew it like you'd drink coffee or tea.

Benefits of chewing Jolt Icy Mint Energy Gum
-Improves memory, alertness, and reaction time
-Small, convenient packs
-Helps you run, cycle, or swim longer and faster
- Doesn't fill your belly so you will have fewer bathroom breaks
-Freshens your breath
-Gives you energy 5x faster than energy drinks
-No refrigeration required

The 12 Packs of Jolt Icy Mint Energy Gum is selling quickly. Add yours to the cart while supplies last!

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