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How to Use The CV1 Coffee Maker

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This is the instructions on how to use the CV1 coffee maker. The instructions have both the visual and written instructions. The can be useful if you happened to go home from a week long stay at the hotel and ‘accidentally’ packed this in your suitcase.


1 – Insert disposable brew basket and coffee filter pack into coffee maker.

2 – Fill cup with water and pour into back of coffee maker.

3 – Place coffee cup under brew basket.

4 – Press and release start button. Light will go out when brewing process is complete.

note: the coffee basket, coffee pods, and coffee cup are usually included when you check into your hotel room. Not sure where you can actually buy the supplies for brewing at home. The main thing you would need at home would be the coffee basket. You can user other coffee pods and generic coffee cup, as long as the cup fits below the coffee basket.

Quick Instructions:

Pour water in the back area (see photo) – measure using the cup you will use for the coffee.
Add the coffee tray + coffee packet (leave in the tray)
Press the button in front of the machine, at the bottom of the cup ( be sure to place the cup BEFORE pressing BREW)

The Hamilton Inn usually keeps the coffee maker in the bathroom, which kills the coffee aroma experience. If you now have one of these machines at home you do not need to use it in the bathroom, unless you want your home to feel like you are always on vacation at a hotel.

You can get the Hamilton Coffee Maker Here

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