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Getting Free Starbucks on Your Birthday

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Starbucks used to mail a postcard which you would bring to Starbucks for a free drink. You didn’t have to go to get the drink right on your birthday, you had about 25 days to use the postcard. Now they let you use a registered Starbucks card. The card has to be registered online 30 days before your birthday. A balance is not required on the card, just show up no more than 30 days after your birthday, or ON your birthday and get a free drink. Check your status in your online account and it will show you if you can still get the free birthday drink.

Don’t limit yourself to a standard Tall Coffee – you can get a Grande Java Chip, or other cold drink. Go Wild, said the barista. The menu is all yours! It is your birthday!


Pictured here – a Birthday Java Chip

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