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Good Times with Coffee People

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Someone came into the cafe this week looking for Silky Black cold coffee drink, which is the cold coffee drink we got at Disney Epcot. The drink was in the Japanese section of Epcot. We hope our review was helpful. Then, moments later, someone came into the coffee cafe (meaning, visited the wegotcoffee website) looking for Starbucks Holiday, we presume they were looking for the current holiday drink list at Starbucks. Each year they seem to add something new, and bring back the popular drinks from the years before. The Starbucks drink menu list from last year should give you and idea of what they will have this year. The VIA drinks are really expanding with the new varieties for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

There are some biscotti crumbs in the keyboard, making the V letter fail to function sometimes. A biscotti and an espresso are always welcome, just not welcome when writing for The Cafe.

See you visitors next time. Keep on searchin!


Next time wee gotta talk about that one guy who came in looking for the Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino.

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