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Guess Who Has Greek Coffee Yogurt?

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Jan 2013 – Finally, after the long long wait for a Coffee Greek Yogurt, Oikos makes a coffee yogurt. This one isn’t just plain coffee, but a Cafe Latte yogurt. The bad part is this ventures into the pseudo flavors in a good healthy yogurt. The things that make this colored and flavored is Black Carrot Juice, and ‘coffee flavor’, which somehow includes coffee powder. Wouldn’t just using coffee give this a REAL coffee color and flavor? The carrot juice for color just adds color, no vitamins from the carrots.

Coffee yogurt will never give you the ‘coffee and breakfast-in-one’ feeling. You won’t get the antioxidants that come with drinking coffee. You also won’t get the caffeine. You just get a yogurt with higher protein than regular yogurt.

If this could be made to be more healthy that a plain Greek yogurt this would be recommended.

This may be the only brand that attempts the coffee yogurt, as the smarter Greek yogurt brands stick to the healthier additives such as mango or pear. Oh, Oikos also has a coconut Greek yogurt, but that one is also the ‘flavor’ and not actual coconut.


The calorie count and health benefits:


The color of the yogurt, from the carrot juice.


Has a subtle coffee scent.

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