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Mocha Month at Dunkin Donuts

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This is an August promotion from Dunkin Donuts. Similar idea as the Dominos Pizza, where they encourage you to buy their product and send in a photo. You dont win anything, and there isnt a discount for buying the product.

Actually, this is better as you do not need to buy a Mocha drink (you can take a pic of the poster). You still don't get anything. No coupons. no discounts. just some 'fun facts'.

August is Mocha month at DD! To celebrate we're offering Perks members some Dunkin' fun facts when you send us a mobile photo of an Iced Mocha Swirl Latte, Mocha Iced Coffee or Mocha Coolatta®. Visit a DD, shoot your pic (we'll take a pic of our mocha posters too) and text it to We hope you enjoy it as much as our great lineup of Mocha drinks!

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