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Publix Cappuccino Yogurt Review – Fat Free Light Yogurt 6oz

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   The Cafe

This is a new flavor of yogurt sold by Publix. The front graphic shows
cinnamon but it does NOT contain cinnamon. The coffee taste is very mild
and as you can see in the photos the yogurt has a sort of brown and
white swirl going on. 90 calories, zero fat. Good source of vitamin D
and Calcium (the vitamin D is added as it is not naturally in yogurt at
the 25% daily recommended value). It actually tasted more like plain
yogurt with an 'off' taste. You wouldn't think it contained coffee.
Wouldn't recommend this if you were seeking a coffee taste. Stick to a
fruit variety, which is probably healthier. Package states: complete
satisfaction or your money back. Does 'meh… it is ok' count as
complete satisfaction?

End of Discussion on this one.