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Starbucks Sends Email about Christmas Via and Hot Chocolate

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   The Cafe

November 2012 – Got the email from Starbucks about their holiday flavors of VIA. They had the Christmas blend last year, which is very good, but where are some new holiday flavors? Pumpkin always sounds better than it tastes, no matter what brand it is, but some fictional flavors would have been fun. Something fun, in the Starbucks way, such as a Sleigh Ride Blend, or Mr and Mrs Claus Blend, you know, a romantic blend for couples.

We love the way Starbucks always decorates their stores for the holidays, so, as usual, we will have photos of several different stores to show you what nice new decorations they have this year.

Coffee is good anytime of the year, but it just seems more comforting during the holidays.

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