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The 13 Dollar Cup of Coffee – Baltimore Coffee Shop Spyro Hampden

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It is sold at a Baltimore coffee shop called Spyro. 12oz for $13 – Aida's Grand Reserve Coffee, grown in El Salvador.

Another EXPENSIVE coffee can be found in Brooklyn, NY:

Cafe Grumpy, in Brooklyn, New York. It's sold a $9 cup of coffee — Panama Hacienda Esmeralda

The most expensive coffee bean in the world is the legendary Kopi Luwak – It is made from coffee beans that are eaten and excreted by a rodent type of animal (palm civet) – Sold for $600 a pound!

The REAL secret to a nice tasting coffee is using FRESH beans (about a week after initial roasting) freshly ground, clean fresh water, and a FRENCH PRESS coffee maker.
Other brewing methods take away from the real taste of the coffee beans. If you haven't used a French Press coffee maker then you are missing out on the true taste of the coffee you drink.
Instead of a $13 cup of coffee we recommend ZOKA COFFEE – Organic Ethiopian Sidamo – Nowhere near a $13 cup, and it has all the bright, clean and natural fruit flavor that is near impossible to get from any Starbucks coffee.

$13 for a cup of coffee?
We hope you are smart enough to pass on coffee that expensive.

End of Discussion on this one.

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