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The Coming of Walmart and other Store Brand K Cups

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December 2012 – Heard that the patent for the K-Cups is set to expire soon, meaning the grocery stores will be able to make their very own cheaper k cups. If you’ve noticed in the coffee aisle you can see that just stocking a few varieties takes up a lot of shelf space. There is never really empty space on the shelves, so something was removed, or given less space, so the large k cup boxes could have space. Most likely canned coffee that had two or three rows, now only has one or two rows. Most of the major brands have quite a few varieties, such as Folgers and Maxwell House. Each new variety of the canned coffee requires more space. So, what is the point of this Cafe commentary? Well, when stores can sell their own K Cups, space will be needed. The good varieties of canned coffee may become harder to find, such as the Folgers Black Silk and their Brazil Sunrise blend. As K cups become more popular the competition for shelf space becomes a battle of the brands. Store brands will always have their space.

Guessing that the much cheaper k cups will drive down the prices of the bigger brands like Newman’s and Green Mountain. But really, coffee will someday have its own aisle in the grocery store. We will post grocery store shelf photos soon, showing how the big k cup boxes are filling up the coffee section. Perhaps our observations and comments are meaningless. It is fun to wonder out loud in the Cafe. See you in the K Cup aisle in Walmart.

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Store Brand: Walgreens Daily Best
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