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The Starbucks Willow Blend Experience

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January 2012 – Ah, a new lighter blend was spotted at Starbucks during a typical mid-day coffee craving. The Willow Blend appears to have replace the other lighter blend called Blonde Roast. Since switching to black coffee, the lighter roasts are better tasting than the really dark roasts, which can taste burnt without adding milk or cream. Below is the actual Willow Blend ordered, in a Tall to-go cup.


Yes, the Willow Roast, with the top off!

This tasted too much like the Blonde Roast that was an alternate to the dark roast Starbucks always has for their coffee choice.

Not to say the Willow Roast was bad, it just wasn’t all that different.  …Upon further inspection of the Take -Home-Coffee-Beans at Starbucks, the Willow Blend is from the Blonde family of coffee roasts. Ah, that is why it was so close to the Blonde Roast. Willow sounds so earthy, like a mid-western Fall blend or something. This may not have deserved a unique name, really. Then again, tough to compare when you do not have the regular Blonde roast at the same time.

Willow Roast… a blonde experience indeed.

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