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View and Experience Watching NFL Games at Wild Buffalo Wings

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Sunday’s are usually packed with football fans wanting to watch their favorite team while eating served food. As you can see in the photo, the TVs are more than enough to show the Sunday games. You don’t always have to show up early to get near your game. You should be able to see the game you want, or you can ask the waiter/waitress to change one of the TVs in view to the game you want.


You have the best chance to sit near the game you want is to show up before any game starts. This is for the 1pm games. The 4pm games are more difficult to pick out the perfect seat because the 1pm games are in progress.

The restaurant mostly serves bar type foods like chicken tenders, nachos and burgers. The also serve a huge selection of beer. They MAY have coffee, but coffee does not go well with the bar foods. The dessert menu is limited. One of the dessert choices is “Ice Cream” $1.99. The menu does not describe the ice cream, so it seems you’ll get whatever they have at the time. At $1.99 this is a big guess. With no choice of toppings this dessert choice should be a last option in regards to something sweet to end your meal.


Also, the sound is off for all but one game, so unless you are watching a popular game, you’ll be just watching a silent screen.

Get a good booth and enjoy a good 4 hour NFL game.

The use the NFL Ticket.



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