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Burger King Sweet Potato Fries Reviewed

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Burger King Sweet Potato Fries Reviewed
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The all new for 2012 from Burger King includes a great new summer menu of Pulled Pork, New BBQ Burgers, and the Sweet Potato Fries.
The sweet potato fries are new and quite unique for a fast food restaurant. Burger King is really kicking it up lately by adding all of these new menu items.
So… are you wondering if the sweet potato fries taste good?
They do, but a few things could be improved:
The fries could be bigger, as in not the shoestring cut. Also, perhaps a personal preference, the fries could come with either maple syrup or honey.
The flavor of the fries would be enhanced by a unique dipping sauce.
Restaurants often will drizzle honey over some of the fries –

Burger King could offer small honey packets to make this
The Must Have Summer Fast Food Item.

As far as healthy… well..

The Small Sweet Potato Fries

290 calories
16g fat
0 cholesterol
0 transfat
36 carbohydrates

End of Discussion on this one.