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Chobani Guave Blend Review

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Chobani Guave Blend Review
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Check out the new (probably limited) flavor of Chobani. This one is ‘blended’, meaning it is more like Yoplait, with the fruit already mixed into the yogurt.
Contains a bit of sugar – 12g to be exact, and 140 calories.
The taste was a bit tart for a yogurt. Not being able to see the fruit on the bottom, and stirring it up, was a negative. The yogurt DID have that Guava flavor, from actual Guava Puree, so that is a plus. Chobani is always a great go-to yogurt for us at GoodHealthWay.
Worth trying this flavor, but if you prefer the fruit on the bottom style, you may only buy it once – even though the flavor is nice and tropical.
Below is a photo of the actual yogurt:
Guava Blended

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