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Chobani Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Review

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Chobani Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Review
Reviewed By: 3 out of 5 Rating: 3 Star Rating

Pretty awesome to see a new flavor of yogurt in the dairy section.
We have the new, and limited, Pumpkin Spice Blend.

The yogurt smelled like Thanksgiving, although the color of the yogurt was much paler than a pumpkin pie.

The taste was nowhere near a pumpkin pie taste. Seemed like not enough pumpkin, and too much spice. Had an awkward aftertaste as well. Not bad enough to NOT eat it, but more of a novelty, rather than the expected’ new favorite’ yogurt flavor.

Worth trying.
The limited apple pie flavor is much better.
See calories, fat, and vitamin contents below.

End of Discussion on this one.