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Dannon Light n Fit Coconut Yogurt

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Dannon Light n Fit Coconut Yogurt
Reviewed By: 4 out of 5 Rating: 4 Star Rating

Real quick review here. We’ll get to the good stuff, and the not so good stuff.
Let’s start with the good!

This single serve yogurt has a  lot less sugar than the other flavors offers.


Coconut Chocolate Bliss.

The yogurt is the white coconut flavor, with the visible Bliss on the top. Just open both and combine the two, as seen below:

The chocolate was a light taste, which is more fitting for a mild yogurt. The crunch parts were like a flaky granola. This added good flavor.

We would say: consider this as an after dinner dessert. Great amount of protein, low sugar, and lots of taste = yes!

See the detailed label below:


End of Discussion on this one.

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