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Plenti Yogurt – Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt

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Plenti Yogurt – Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt
Reviewed By: 2 out of 5 Rating: 2 Star Rating

A new yogurt that incorporates whole grain oats into a Greek yogurt.  The flavor and added oats makes this look like a combo breakfast of maple brown sugar oatmeal, and yogurt.

The taste and texture wasn’t the greatest. It tasted like a sweet yogurt with a tablespoon of oats. Not something we would buy again, but this may appeal to those looking for a yogurt with more fiber. We would rather eat the maple brown sugar oatmeal, and then a plain Greek yogurt.

Worth trying if you are looking for a Greek yogurt with a little extra breakfast added.

Plenti Yogurt
Sugar content was 12g, and the calories are 170, which is kind of high for a small container of yogurt. Has a tiny % of Vitamin A, 6%.

Plenti Yogurt Calories

Oatmeal Yogurt

Looks like a bowl of oatmeal, with Greek yogurt added. We think the reason we didn’t like this as much as we thought was because the oatmeal is COLD. For some reason oatmeal is better at a warm temperature.

End of Discussion on this one.