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Siggis Yogurt Review

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Siggis Yogurt Review
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Another discovery in the yogurt aisle – Siggi’s Icelandic Style yogurt. Icelandic? Yes, a yogurt style like Greek yogurt. You’d have to buy it to find out what this type of yogurt actually tastes like.

The yogurt is more of a texture style than a flavor style. You could easily mistake this for Greek yogurt. The downside to this was the higher price, higher than the Greek Yogurts.

You could put it in the category of Greek though, as the thickness was similar, and the protein amounts were high, but not as high as your typical Greek.

Icelandic yogurt style is a good one to try, mix it up from your usual yogurt. May be hard to find in some stores.
The price was $1.69 for a single serve portion.

Ingredients in Icelandic yogurt:

Berries, cream, cane sugar, whole milk and some fruit pectin.


Final thought:

Would buy this more often if it was the same cost as the typical Greek yogurt.

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