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Skinny Water with Super Citrimax

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Skinny Water with Super Citrimax
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Can a special drink really make you ‘skinny’? The Skinny Water says it has Crave Control, most likely meaning you will not have the craving for unhealthy foods, or for overeating. The flavor we bought was Raspberry Pomegranate, although the bottle, on the back, says it contains zero juice. The fruit is just in flavor format, and color.

The drink tasted like a weak sugar free drink, much like if you added too much ice to a sports drink.

Drinking the bottle out in public may either make it look like you are trying too hard to ‘be thin’, or that you believe any product that says Skinny or Negative Calorie means it will work to help you lose weight.

There is that chance that it works, you would just have to
drink this daily to test the effectiveness.

What’s In the Skinny Water?


End of Discussion on this one.

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