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Voskos Greek Yogurt Review

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Voskos Greek Yogurt Review
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imageAs great as it is that there are so many new Greek yogurts to choose from, you know there has to be the ultimate favorite brand, and then the so-so brands that are worth trying once. After your Greek Yogurt Trials you always find yourself gravitating back to your favorite brand.

The Voskos is one of those semi-decent new Greek yogurt brands.

The flavor varieties of this brand are limited, compared to the other brands like Oikos and Chobabi, although FIG is an interesting flavor for yogurt.The flavor for this review is Honey Vanilla Bean. As with the other brands, a honey flavored Greek yogurt can be a hit-and-miss

Fortunately, the Voskos (why the weird name??) did not have the honey glob problem. The vanilla bean taste overpowered any hint of honey. A recommended try-it-once for the unique vanilla bean experience. You may just love this, or you may just keep this brand in mind when you want to get out of your Greek Yogurt routine.

The yogurt didn’t seem as thick as the other brands of Greek yogurt.

The Zero Fat from Calories is a plus!

This also had 22% protein, but with zero Vitamin C and zero Vitamin A.
A fun-to-try Greek yogurt that says Better Than Good on the lid.

Check out what this yogurt contains:


End of Discussion on this one.

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