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Walmart Brand Energy Drink Enhancer

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Walmart Brand Energy Drink Enhancer
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Seen next to the name brand Milo water enhancer. This one is called Lightning Punch, but is more like a lime flavored water enhancer. The flavor is a mild lime, in the green area of a typical Gatorade drink. This has no after taste, and is much cheaper than the name brand liquid water flavor. This has caffeine, hence the LIGHTNING in the name. The amount you can squeeze into a water bottle varies, so the 24 servings on the container may be less, or more, depending how you squeeze.

We recommend this for the flavor, the price, and the added health benefits of vitamin B3, B5 and B12.

Photo and price from 2012

There are many varieties of these drink enhancers, and a few have the added caffeine. There are also varieties that have vitamin benefits, but no added caffeine. Lately, the flavor that has been hard to find with the added caffeine is the ice tea. The Crystal Light version seems to be too dark and too strong for enhancing a water. Theirs is more like making a whole new drink, rather than lightly flavoring water. Most are zero calorie, as is this Great Value brand.

End of Discussion on this one.

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