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100 Lounge – Stylish Coffee Lounge

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The CD is titled: 100 Lounge – A Unique Blend for Stylish Moments

1. Breathe by 8000below – good song, but has lots of singing
2. Black Coffee by SoulChillaz – The perect song – very coffee lounge sounding.
3. White Sand by Eddie Silverton – another great relaxing lounge song.
4. La Mer Pt III by Simone Le Grec – Another smooth and relaxing coffee house song.
5. Easy Sunrise by Gardner Slice – Spacey and relaxing lounge.
6. Dark Heart by Night and Day – Jazzy lounge for coffee shops – a good one.
7. Whole Body by Ingo Herrmann – another jazzy lounge sounding song – downtempo coffee music.
8. Dani California by Nardis – A louder downtempo jazz song – not the best one as it has too much piano.
9. Lover in the Sea by One Man Ahead – good music, but too much singing to be relaxing coffee music.
10. Venus by 351 Lake Shore Drive – Ah, peaceful and relaxing lounge music.
11. Do It to me by Moko Jumbies – sounds like Brazilian jazz – is this the Peter Brown disco song?
12. Look Inside Yourself by Guenter Haas – guitar lounge jazz that sounds like Peter White.
13. Experiment by Night and Day – Has this odd sounding rap record sound effect which takes away from it being relaxing.
14. Genuine Reflections by Eddie Silverton – a great closing track to this cd which would be really good to play in coffee shops.

Hear Samples below:



none of the music links work

It looks like this CD isn’t available anymore, but other 100% Lounge CDs are still in print.

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