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Structures from Silence – Steve Roach

One of the best ambient recordings ever. Perfect for listening to after you’ve had that double shot of espresso. You’ll be able to resist falling asleep while listening to this so you may experience the complete wave of bliss this CD creates. Hear samples from this CD.

The Magnificent Void – Steve Roach

Ambient, but very haunting. You will want to be very alert while listening to this, maybe even have ALL the lights on in the house. Good luck!
Hear samples from this CD.

Wired – Pete Namlook

A very ambient with a pusling ‘wired’ beat. Have two cappuccinos, 1 espresso, and a latte during the first 10 minutes of this – get totally wired—and then crash down during the ambient/chill ending.

Koolfang – Pete Namlook & Move D

Easily the world’s best mix of ambient and jazz. Difficult to get more relaxing than this. Unfortunatly, this is a limited edition release—good luck finding a copy. Move D is goes by the name David Moufang. CD title Koolfang gets its name by combining the names Namlook and Moufang.

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