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This CD says it was created for ‘those times when you need to escape for awhile’ ..’the sounds of Cappuccino Afternoon and a good cup of coffee will help you make the most of your time alone’.

The music is light jazz and new age. All songs are by Eric Darken. The CD is somewhat mysterious as it is not readily clear WHO wrote the music.

Song Titles:

Lost in Thought – a light intro song
Something She Said – drumless ambient song, about 3 min long
South Beach Drive -Ambient New Age Jazz sounding like a cross between Robert Rich and Dan Siegel.
Cappuccino Afternoon – Title song, sounds like background music to an 80’s romance movie, with saxaphone. Good song!
After the Rain – New age with a dramatic edge to it.
Soulmates – Real good light smooth jazz new age song, with an 80’s feel (has some vocalizations)
Secrets We Know – Melancholy New Age song
Unspoken Thoughts – Very quiet track. (trad. Frog in the Well)

The last track is a poor choice for this CD, and a poor choice for the closing of the CD.  So, the CD has 7 great tracks, all instrumental, except for #6 which has vocalizations. 1995 CD

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