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Coffee and Bossa – Chillout to Bossa Nova Sounds

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Track Listing of the Coffee and Bossa CD

1. Call Me by Astrud Gilberto
2. Agua De Beber by Antnio Carlos Jobim
3. Batucada by Bebel Gilberto & Vincius Cantuaria
4. Triste by Elis Regina
5. Anas Dourados (Look Like December) by Antonio Carlos Jabim
6. Dindi by Astrud Gilberto
7. Meditation by Oscar Peterson
8. Vivo Sahando (Dreamer) by Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jabim
9. Berimbau by Baden Powell
10. Corcovado by Joo Gilberto, Stan Getz
11. One Note Samba/The Girl From Ipanema by Babel Gilberto
12. Sambas De Duas Notas by Luiz Bonf
13. Domingo A Noite by Luiz Bonf
14. O Grande Amor by Stan Getz
15. How Insensitive by Astrud Gilberto
16. Sambalero by Stan Getz, Antonio Carlos Jabim, Luiz Bonfa, & Maria Toledo
17. Crossed Paths by Arto Lindsay & Claudio Ragazzi
18. Therapist by Claudio Ragazzi, Babel Gilberto & Arto Lindsay, The
19. Winter Moon by Stan Getz
20. Shadow Of Your Smile by Astrud Gilberto, The
21. Mas Que Nada by TAMBA TRIO
22. Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones
23. Aruanda by Astrud Gilberto
24. Aquas De Marca by Antonio Carlos Jubim
25. Non Stop To Brazil by Astrud Gilberto
26. Bahia by Stan Getz
27. O Morro by Astrud Gilberto
28. Menina Flor by Stan Getz
29. Samba Triste by Jackie & Roy
30. Felicidade by Joe Henderson
31. Summer Samba by Dizzy Gillespie
32. Oscar Peterson by Samba Sensitive
33. El Gento by Joe Pass
34. Love Is Stronger Far Than We by Astrud Gilberto
35. Once I Loved by Shirley Horn
36. O Beijo by Claudio Ragazzi
37. Minhi Lagoa by Luiz Henrique
38. Samba De Orfeu by Bob Brookmeyer
39. Consolacao by Baden Powell
40. Quebra Mar by Luiz Bonf

None of the songs are really about coffee, but the music goes well with coffee, provided you like Bossa Nova music.

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Coffee & Bossa-the Chillout Sound of Bossa Nova

Two CD collection of the finest blends of Bossa Nova, straight from Brazil and direct to you. Enjoy the aural aroma of artists like Astrud Gilberto, Elis Regina, Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto, Luis Bonfa, Bebel Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Oscar Peterson, The Tamba Trio, Arto Lindsay and many more. Delicious, refreshing and soothing, these 40 tracks will fill your senses with the finest Bossa Nova available. Combining elements of Jazz and Latin Rhythms, this is a grand introduction into the sensual world of Bossa Nova. Would you like cream or sugar with that? Universal.
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