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Coffee Music

Stephanie Santé – Coffee Culture – CD
CD with GREAT song titles like: Frappe, Double Espresso, and Vanilla Steamer. Refreshing and smooth.

Hear samples from this CD

Beach Coffee

A blend of two great things – the beach, and coffee. Subtitled ‘Lounge Relaxing’ the music is a combination of jazz and electronic lounge music. Paradise!

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Coffee Shop 3

This is the music they play in those ultra cool coffee shops & houses.

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Rendevous Lounge 1

Relaxing rainy-day lounge music. Lots of bass, with a latin feel. Ambient lounge. Recommended!

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Coffee Breaks

A heavier on the electronics kind of CD. An uptempo trip hop mixed with drum and bass heaviness. Has different mixes by The Coffee Boys.

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Coffee Shop 4

Light techno/house music mixed with downtempo and acid jazz. Some of the better bands on this one: Electric Soul, Indica, and Wordless People.

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