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The Vermin – All of this can Caffeine Too! – from their Joe Shanghai CD on Wood Shampoo Records – 2008

Black Coffee – By Black Flag
This is on the Slip It In CD by Black Flag. Easily the greatest punk song about coffee.

From the CD Slip it In

Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds – By Zero Boys
Fast spazzy punk song with the lyrics “Livin’ on caffeine, livin on booze”. From 1982

From the CD Vicious Circle

Coffee and Donuts (the band name)

This is probably the ONLY actual release by this band (song: Optimator). Other bands on this rare vinyl comp from 1990 include: Crimpshrine, Offspring Jawbreaker, The Mr. T Experience, The Wrong, Samiam, Plaid Retina, The Lookouts, and Crummy Musicians.

On the Make the Collector Nerd Sweat 10″ Vinyl
You may have heard of something called Coffeehouse Punk, which is a punk person who hangs out at coffee shops. Sounds cool, but…whatever. Good bands that sound great when at a coffee shop: Husker Du, Replacements, Salem 66, lots of bands on Homestead Records. Basically 80’s college rock.

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