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This is the perfect kind of music to listen to when enjoying a wicked good cappuccino or latte. Most of these recommended CDs are instrumental – some may have one or two tracks with vocals. It’s the kind of music you listen to as background mood setting music.

The more relaxing jazz has piano as the primary instrument. The more upbeat, yet still relaxing, jazz as saxophone – usually has a more ‘romantic jazz’ feel to the music.

This one is also a GREAT relaxing jazz CD – Rick Braun – All it Takes

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All It Takes

All It Takes is a fertile collaboration between the chart topping Rick Braun, and versatile keyboardist, composer, producer Philippe Saisse, it' s also a step into a wide-open musical terrain beyond Braun's trademark R&B/pop comfort zone. Most of the songs on All It Takes find Braun artfully combining flugelhorn with muted trumpet (using the Harmon mute). Add Euro, neo-classical, cinematic elements and a touch of disco flash and that's All It Takes for a sensational new disc. From producing Richard Elliot's newest (Rock Steady,) to setting himself new levels of creativity for All It Takes, to the now-legendary Chet Baker inspired shows, Rick performs as the mood strikes - this is an artist who doesn't stand still.
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Morning Cup of Jazz

Traditional jazz music, not a smooth jazz style, but still considered good coffee listening music – various artists.

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Paul Taylor – Hypnotic

Clarinet based jazz – a bit funky and relaxing at the same time – songs like Dream State, Tuesday Afternoon, and Sunshine. Recommended because its mostly instrumental – only one vocal track.

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Paul Brown – The City

Guitar based jazz – has that sultry feel to the music. Songs like Old Friends, Winelight (Grover Washington Jr. cover), and The City.

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Jazz Cafe – Worlds Away

Great guitar jazz – relaxing smooth jazz – amazing that you can get this for under $3.

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Midnight Coffee – Bert Dalton

A very mellow traditional jazz CD. Sounds like the intro music to some gourmet cooking show. Recommended, although it is a bit on the melancholy side at times.

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Peter White – Caravan of Dreams

An awesome ‘relaxing jazz’ CD. Has a little bit of funk, but still very relaxing and happy. Gentle and guitar based.

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