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Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee Drinks

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The 2012 Pumpkin season has set on Dunkin Donuts, this time with in-store Pumpkin K-Cups. Offered ready to drink is the pumpkin spice coffee, latte, and iced pumpkin coffee. They also have the glazed pumpkin donuts, and the non-pumpkin donuts with the orange, white and black sprinkles.

The donut is, well, decent, but does not pair well with a coffee also containing pumpkin spice. Recommended you get a neutral kind of donut when you get the hot pumpkin coffee. The iced coffee with pumpkin has a better taste than the hot coffee. Just a FYI – the pumpkin muffins are WAY better than the pumpkin donuts.

Gimmie one of those pumpkin latte drinks, and a kruller.

Also new for 2012 is the Energy Sparklers, which is more of a summer drink with fruit, and energy!

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