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Encaff Energy Stix Press Release

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Press Release – August 2009


Encaff Energy Stix Shove Energy Drinks Aside as the New Convenient and Affordable Energy Source

(Atlanta, GA) August 28, 2009 – First there were energy drinks, and then energy shots. Now the next generation of energy has arrived.  Encaff Energy Stix are the next logical step and are shoving the energy drink out of the way. Each Energy Stix packet is jam-packed with caffeine, the nation’s number one energy source.  In fact, each 3g Energy Stix contains 75 mg of caffeine, equivalent to one cup of coffee.

“People are looking for more convenient ways to satisfy their energy craving,” said Dan Leonardi, president of Encaff Products.  “With Encaff Energy Stix, not only can you carry them around in your pocket, backpack or purse, you don’t even need water when you need a jolt of energy. Just sprinkle it on your tongue and enjoy.”

Similar to the popular Pixie Stix, Encaff Energy Stix requires no water or mixing.  Simply sprinkle the deliciously flavored power on your tongue, and feel the energy.  Each Encaff Energy Stix provides up to six hours of power with no crash.

Encaff Energy Stix are a 100% caffeine source, and the first caffeine product in a ready-to-eat, flavored powder. A recent study by Chicago-based Mintel shows a significant increase in energy drink users and in energy-charged snacks.

“Energy Stix are going to be the new energy source of choice for everyone from students to people who work long hours,” continued Leonardi.  “Anyone who needs a quick jolt of energy on the job or at play will find Energy Stix the most convenient choice.”

Encaff Energy Stix are now available on line at and at selected retail outlets across the U.S.

About Encaff Products, Inc.

Encaff Products has learned how to make caffeine tasteless by microencapsulating small particles of caffeine with an edible, tasteless coating to create Encaff. Caffeine is a very bitter substance that is heavily masked for use in soft drinks. The Encaff process adds caffeine to products without altering its taste or texture, which leads to new and exciting new products like the Encaff Energy Stix. For more information, visit

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