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Gevalia Coffee Coming in August 2011

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April 2011 – Kraft Food is making a come-back in the coffee aisle. Starting in August 2011 Kraft will sell the Gevalia coffee in U.S. retail stores such as Price Chopper and Publix. This announcement follows the recent business partnership break with Starbucks. Kraft was a distribution partner with Starbucks and grocery stores.

The Facts:

Gevalia coffee will be sold as whole bean, ground, decaf, and flavored.
Will be in stores starting in August 2011.
Gevalia is the top selling coffee in Sweden.
Gevalia coffee was only sold online in the US.
The top brand for the Tassimo one-cup is Gevalia.

The current top selling brands of coffee in US stores is Maxwell House and Folgers.

We will have photos as soon as we spot the Gevalia coffee in stores.

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