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Jurassic World Product Placements

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All the hype leading up to this June 12, 2015 release would make you think, and hope, that Jurassic World would be awesome. Plus viewing in IMAX 3D, with the 3d glasses, would complete this movie experience.

Quick Review: This was kinda lame for a movie. Way too many Lifetime Style scenes. Lots of blood, and angry dinosaurs. Lots of things made this lame – the Raptor Whisper scenes, the lack of good 3d scenes, and total lack of drama. Oh, and the obvious product placements.

Brands Seen in Jurassic World:

Mercedes (in your face!)

You’ll see Starbucks several times, with one scene featuring tea in a white Starbucks cup.

Previews for The Walk looked really really cool.

Jurassic World Goof:
(spoiler alert)
Near the beginning of the movie the guy with the pigs is outside the cage after being saved, he is too close to the cage bars, and further away in next shot, but in the same lying down position. At the end of the scene you see him in the distance getting to his feet, and he seems to be in yet a different location, closer to the glass.


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