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Life is Good Coffee Names

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Saw this in the grocery store recently. The Life is Good brand, mostly seen on T-Shirts, now has their own unique coffee! The roasts have ‘cute’ names such as: Happy Medium, Light Hearted, Dark and Daring, Smore to Love, and Banana Bread Bliss. Not sure if that last one tastes like bananas, or just goes well with the bread.


We didn’t see K Cups of this, but we are sure they are on their way!

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Once upon a time, there were two brothers with no money and no jobs. Despite their predicament, they designed a t-shirt proclaiming "Life is good" and things started looking up. Today, driven by millions of optimists just like you. Life is good is one of the most engaging lifestyle brands in America. Enjoy delicious, gourmet Life is good coffee and remember... Optimism can take you anywhere. UTZ Certified. Perks with Purpose: Life is good is proud to team-up with UTZ Certified to promote sustainable farming UTZ Certified enables farmers to learn better growing methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their families and the environment. Go big and bold with the full-bodied flavor. Artificially flavoring.
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