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Starbucks Frappuccino Half Price Sale Promotion

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2010 Promotion: Frappuccino promotion from May 7th through May 16, 2010
2011 Promotion: Frappuccino half-price from May 6 to the 15th, 2011 – 3 to 5pm only!
2012 Promotion: Early May 2012 at Starbucks –View Our Pictures Here

Half price Frappuccinos at participating Starbucks. The average price for a ‘Tall’ (Small) is $3.65, so your half-price Frappuccino would be about $1.75-$2 (2010 prices)


The 2011 Frappuccino Promotion

See the menu selection of the 1/2 Price Frappuccinos below

Below are the 2010 promotional ads:

Photo from the 2010 promotion at Starbucks

Picture from the Starbucks Frappuccino Promotion 2010

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