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Starbucks Price Increase due to Coffee Bean Costs Increase

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September 2010 – Starbucks is set to increase the prices of coffee drinks due to the increased price of coffee beans which is at a 13 year high for prices. Previously Starbucks stated that they would not increase prices, but the continued cost increase of coffee beans has forced a price increase to Starbucks customers. Not all of the drinks will have an increased price – the most popular drinks, such as the Tall coffee, will remain at the same price. It is the larger/higher priced coffee drinks that will increase in price.

There has been no decision on price increases for the bags of coffee sold in grocery stores. There is the possibility that Starbucks could decrease the bag size, and not the coffee price., much like Tropicana orange juice did instead of a price increase (they trimmed off 5 oz from the standard 64 oz container).

Pictured here is the 2009 Holiday coffee prices at Starbucks

These will most likely be higher priced in 2010

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