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Starbucks Verismo Machine

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March  09, 2012 – Starbucks announces that they will create and sell their own version of the Green Mountain Keurig machine which will be called Verismo. The machine will directly compete with Green Mountain, who are the current leader in machines that can process the K-Cups. The announcement of the Verismo comes out less than a year after Starbucks were able to create their own branded K-cups.

Arguments vary on the possible success of the new Starbucks machine including the available varieties of K-cups and that people who drink all varieties of K-cups (Green Mountain, Folgers, Dunkin Donuts) may not be compelled to buy the Verismo. Since K-cups are standardized, there is no need for a specific brewing machine.

Stock specialists expect the Green Mountain shares to drop, and Starbucks (SBUX) to rise on the announcement.

The question consumers may have:

Where can you buy the Verismo machine?

The answer to this is not known, although one can assume they will be available directly in the Starbucks stores, with the possibility of sales in department stores along side of the original Keurig machines. The Verismo should be available later in 2012.




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